MEMS group's gathering 2009

MEMS group's outing 2009

MEMS group's 2007 event - Mid-Autumn Celebration

A glittery Mid-Autumn Celebration

Our group's 2006 Christmas Celebration at the SIngapore Garden Festival

A glittery Christmas Celebration

Dr Yaccob Ibrahim, Minister for Environment and Water Resources, meets A/Prof Liu and Dr Eric Yap at the IES Engineering Award 2006 ceremony

The research team wins with the prestigious IES Engineering Achievement Award 2006

2006 Platinum Award for URECA project-Zhong Tian

Our group's honor to help hosting APCOT 2006 in Singapore

2006 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad

Indian President Kalam visits NTU, Feb 2006

Young inventer's award, behind the prize
Biochip Kip May Mark. A Cancer Breakthrough.

With Minister Chan Soo Sen in CoE 2005

With A*Star and MOE staffs in CoE 2004

With NTU president Dr Su Guaning in CoE 2003

With Tony Woo in Global Enterprise Singapore 2004

DTP 2002

With Professor Steven Johnson

With Professor Tarik Bourouina

With Prof T. Baba (right) and Prof Wolfgang

With Professor Fujita